Conseil international de contrôle du lac Osoyoos

Carte du bassin de l’Okanagan

The International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control (Board) was established by Order of the International Joint Commission (IJC) dated 12 September 1946 to ensure the implementation of the provisions of that Order relative to the alteration and operation of Zosel Dam. Zosel Dam was built in 1927 on the Okanogan River 2.7 km (1.7 mi) below Osoyoos Lake by the Zosel Lumber Company to create a log storage pond.

On January 31, 2013, The International Joint Commission announced that it had issued a Supplementary Order of Approval renewing the State of Washington’s authority to operate Zosel Dam and making minor modifications in how water levels on Osoyoos Lake will be managed.

Supplementary Order of Approval 2013-01-29

Please refer to the reports section of the website for more information on studies related to the Order renewal process and other documents of relevance to the Board of Control, including annual Board reports to the IJC.  The records section of the Reports page contains records of past Board meetings and relevant IJC Orders of Approval for Osoyoos Lake.


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