Osoyoos Lake water level within Rule Curve following spring freshet and early summer snowmelt


Osoyoos Lake level reached the summer target elevation of 911.70 feet in late May, then crested to 911.82 feet (277.923 m) on June 15, below the maximum allowable International Joint Commission (IJC) Order of Approval rule curve of 912.0 feet. Lake levels have remained consistent since, fluctuating between 911.71 and 911.81 feet as Zosel Dam and Okanagan Dam operators adjust respective outflows following record breaking temperatures in late June, which melted any remaining snowpacks. Zosel Dam operators plan to maintain the lake level near 911.7 ft for the remainder of the summer (until September 15). At that point, the level of Osoyoos Lake will begin to be lowered within allowable fall and winter levels in compliance with the IJC Order of Approval rule curve for Osoyoos Lake implemented by the International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control (https://www.ijc.org/en/olbc).


2021 Osoyoos Lake Elevation Plot