2022 IRLWWB AMC Climate Workshop Report


As part of the International Rainy Lake of the Woods Watershed Board’s implementation of the IJC’s climate change guidance framework, the Adaptive Management Committee engaged water resources experts, IJC staff, and the public in a half-day, in-person workshop in Fort Frances, ON on the margins of the annual Basin Week meetings and events in August 2022. The workshop was aimed at increasing confidence that the Board will be prepared for climate change impacts. 

 The objectives of the workshop were to:

1) Summarize the climate related planning done under the 2015-2018 rule curve study;

2) Share recent insights into the regional climate change studies;

3) Report on whether the IRLWWB’s adaptive management program is working as hoped;

4) Brainstorm and prioritize a list of climate influenced management concerns (flooding, hydropower production, water quality, etc.);

5) Formulate a group consensus on next steps, including public findings, changes in the adaptive management program, additional IWI studies, or broader actions.

22 participants attended the session that was facilitated by Bill Werick and featured presentations from Dr. Scott Higgins (IISD-Experimental Lakes Area), AMC co-chair Teika Newton.

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