The International Rainy, Lake of the Woods Watershed Board has four committees that report back to the full Board to seek final decisions and approvals, except as allowed for in the mandate of the Water Levels Committee as established by the International Joint Commission.

Aquatic ecosystem health committee

The Aquatic Ecosystem Health Committee assists the board with respect to water quality and ecosystem health monitoring, reporting, objectives and analytics, and any other activities related to water quality or ecosystem health as assigned by the Board.

Engagement committee

The Engagement Committee coordinates outreach activities, prepares web-based documents and material to assist Board members engaging individuals and organizations within the basin.

Water levels committee

The Water Levels Committee ensures that IJC Orders for the operation of the dams on the Rainy River and outlets of Namakan Lake are followed.

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Adaptive management committee

The Adaptive Management Committee (AMC) was established in June 2020 following a recommendation in the Rainy and Namakan-Lakes Rule Curve review report of 2017 indicating a need for adaptive management to ensure the new rule curves (ratified in the 2018 Supplementary Order) continue to perform as expected.

Its overall objective is to consider information collected by resource agencies and others during the interim that may indicate the effect that changes to the 2018 rule curves have on water levels and flows and the impacts these have on the affected interests in the boundary waters of the Rainy River basin and make recommendations to the International Lake of the Woods Watershed Board.

The AMC is also responsible for overseeing the Board’s implementation of the IJC’s climate change adaptation guidance framework, an adaptive management protocol for Boards to assess and respond to known and anticipated climate change impacts.

  • Teika Newton (Canadian Co-Chair)
  • Ryan Maki (US Co-Chair)
  • Aniela Jane-Hannaford
  • Melissa Mosley
  • Lucas King
  • Alexandra Lavictoire
  • Phil Talmage
  • Kevin Peterson
  • Joshua Jones
  • Rebecca Seal-Soileau
  • Kelli Saunders (Committee Secretariat)