Roles and responsibilities

Infographic depicting the ISRB's roles and responsibilities

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The International Souris River Board: Roles and responsibilities of key players

The International Joint Commission:

  • Issues directives to the board
  • Appoints members to the board

The International Souris River Board:

  • Members, half each from Canada and the United States (members nominated by governments)
  • Oversees, monitors and ensures compliance with apportionment measures for the waters of the Souris River
  • Investigates and reports on water requirements and uses as they impact the transboundary waters of the Souris River basin
  • Assists in the implementation and review of the Joint Water Quality Monitoring Program pursuant to the 1989 Canada-United States Agreement for Water Supply and Flood Control in the Souris River Basin
  • Performs an oversight function for flood forecasting and operations in cooperation with the designated entities
  • Communicates to the public, Indigenous communities, and stakeholders
  • Supported by binational committees, support staff, and IJC liaisons

Committees and subcommittees (dashed line in infographic depicting interaction between committees):

  • Indigenous Advisory Committee
  • Aquatic Ecosystem and Health Committee
  • Adaptive Management Committee
  • Public Advisory and Outreach Committee
  • Water Quantity Committee
    • Reservoir Operations Subcommittee
    • Flow Forecast Liaison Subcommittee
    • Natural Flow Apportionment Subcommittee